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Fishing in Connemara

Lake & River Fishing in County Galway & County Mayo

Connemara has 100s of lakes rivers streams in a totally unspoiled environment. We can arrange lake river and also deep sea fishing. We can advise you the best available fishing on the day.

Cashel House Hotel is a great Fishing Hotel in Connemara where guests are able to fish the many great Lakes of the West of Ireland or try our secret fishing lake just a short walk from the hotel

CORRIB : Largest lake in Connemara (70 sq m). Free fishing or we can book an experienced guide with a boat to take you out for the day, all inclusive for two people €120. Fly fishing lessons can also be arranged. 30 min drive from Cashel House Hotel.

GALWAY WEIR : State owned one of the best fisheries for Atlantic Salmon. One hours drive.

COSTELLO : One and a half miles of river and 5 lakes to choose from. Driving time is 45 min.

SCREEB : 13 lakes in this system. 25 min drive.

INVER : 7 lakes in the area. 20 min drive

GOWLA : Two and a half miles of river and 6 lakes. 15 min drive.

INAGH : A big open lake with boats available. The Butts on Derryclare are famous for Salmon. 20 min drive.

DAWROS : River and lake fishery about 40 min drive.

ERRIFF : Still one of the best salmon fisheries with boats available for both lake and river. 40 min drive.

DELPHI : Best known fishery in Connemara. 45 min drive.

LOUGH MASK : Large limestone lake similar to Lough Corrib. One hours drive.

MOUNTAIN LAKES : By the score are filled with small wild Brown Trout.

SECRET FISHING LAKE : Directions to Cashel House’s Secret Fishing Lake

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(Please note driving times are approximate only.)

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