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The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland’s west coast leads you through one of the world’s most dramatic coastal landscapes, a landscape on the edge of Europe that has shaped the development of its people, communities and settlements, a landscape that has inspired its own particular language, literature, art, song and dance. It’s a place of many natural features – seascapes, sea-life, cliffs, mountains, glens, loughs, trails and pathways. It’s a place to experience nature at its wildest, a place to explore the history of the Gaels and their religion; a place to experience great events, great food and drink, great music and the craic.

The Wild Atlantic Way gives visitors the opportunity for:

  • Seeing and exploring the wild landscape and seascape
  • Exploring the settlements along the way
  • Experiencing and participating in events
  • Exploring the culture of the people
  • Driving the roads on the edge of the wild seascapes

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